I don’t know about you, but I always have a tough time shopping for the men in my life.  If you’re struggling to find a gift for an expectant dad this holiday season, here are a few ideas to get you started.

kalencom-bag Kalencom Daddy Diaper Bags – The “man bag” has been given a bad rap.  But when it comes down to it, a new dad planning any type of excursion with his newborn baby needs some way of transporting all the necessities.  Kalencom has some great daddy diaper bags that look like something he’d carry his laptop in.  In fact, unless you opened the bag and saw the contents, no one would ever know it was a diaper bag.  My daddy-to-be will be sporting Kalencom’s Urban Sling when our little one arrives next year…and he’s kind of excited about it!  Kalencom is offering a special 15% off discount for the next week.  Just enter coupon code STYLE4MOM at checkout.

+ECO Clima Control – For the gadget guy in your life, Oregon Scientific’s +ECO Clima Control would make a great gift.  This environment-friendly, weather-monitoring clock converts solar energy into its source of power.  The sleek design of this “weather station” is made up mostly of a large LCD eco display showing time and date, outside temperature and humidity, inside temperature and humidity for up to three separate rooms, and (my favorite) the weather forecast for the next 12-24 hours.  This device is extremely convenient for a variety of reasons.  1) It doesn’t need to be plugged in.  2) I know the outside temperature without stepping outside.  3) I can plan how to dress myself (and the baby) for the day based on the forecast.  4) I’ll be able to always know the exact temperature in the nursery without opening the door.  That’s a definite plus!  The +ECO Clima Control retails for $119.99 and comes with the base unit which is a sensor, an outside sensor as well as one additional sensor for another room. 

expected What to Expect When You’re Expected: A Fetus’s Guide to the First Three Trimesters – Most guys appreciate a good laugh.  And I’m pretty certain that all guys would prefer some good comedy over reading an informational guide to pregnancy.  What to Expect When You’re Expected: A Fetus’s Guide to the First Three Trimesters isn’t going to give dads-to-be much medical information or the science behind what’s going on inside your body.  It does however provide a very entertaining and often times jaw-dropping guide to pregnancy… for the baby.  Written by The Daily Show’s producer David Javerbaum, this book opens with a foreward by the Stork and answers such pressing questions as, “My mother just took a sip of white wine.  Am I going to end up looking like some Chernobyl baby now?” and “I know I live in mommy, but am I in one of her nicer neighborhoods?”  Sprinkled with totally irrelevant charts, statistics and photos of Antonio Banderas (strange, I know), this book is a hilarious and quick read – though only for those with a great sense of humor.

Rebel Ink Baby – New dads love trying to make their kids look cool.  And for those of you who have seen “The Hangover”, Carlos is all I can picture as I’m writing this.  This year, if there’s an expectant dad on your gift-giving rebel-ink-baby list, help him out with a newborn onesie from Rebel Ink Baby.  Their collection of classic black and white onesies and tees sport sassy expressions like, “Beastie Babies – Fight for Your Right to Potty”, “For Those About to Walk, We Salute You”, and “Party Tonight My Crib 3am”.  Rebel Ink Baby’s stylish tees are 100% super soft cotton and available in a short-sleeved snapsuit or a long-sleeved tee and come in sizes 0-24 months and toddler tee sizes 2T-5T.  There are also pants, hats and pacifiers to match!  Unleash your baby’s (or daddy’s) inner rocker today!  Enter code MOM15 at checkout to receive 15% off.  Offer is good through 2/28/10.

These companies provided samples of their products for review on MWS.

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