I’m a little more than a month into my gig over at the eBates Savvy Living Community and I’m having so much fun guys! I think I just really missed the old school message board where someone posts a thread and you chat away.

Visit me! Please! I’d love to have some friends over there with me. Click on the “All” under Forum on the left to see everything or pick and choose your topic based on what interests you. This month’s topics have included: nautical style, Disneyland and kitchen time savers!

I think my biggest takeaway from this too is that I’ve been actually using eBates to shop now too. My only regret is that I could kick myself for not doing this sooner. For all that online shopping I do, eBates gives me a kickback on every sale I place when I click through them! It’s pretty amazing and I just wish I had been doing it earlier!

The Savvy Living Community is not just about eBates though, we’ve been chatting up a storm so come check things out for yourself and give me a hello if you pop by!


  1. Thanks for sharing some summer fashion and shopping tips. It seems like you are very up to date on the latest trends.

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