It’s never too early to find a great stocking stuffer and I’m picking this one for a top stocking stuffer choice for the 2011 Holiday season!

I first hear about Shoulder Buddies at BlogHer, where I got a sample Shoulder Buddies to bring home to my kids along with some other toys.  This little toy didn’t seem like much to me.  It reminded me of those Trolls people used to collect when I was a kid.  But I didn’t realize what it did until Cole (4) showed me.

Shoulder Buddies come with a half-dollar coin-sized magnetized disc that the Shoulder Buddy sits on.  The kid puts the disc under their shirt on their shoulder and then the Shoulder Pal sticks and stays on the child’s shoulder as he walks around.  Cole gets a huge kick out of walking around with his Pal and it makes anyone smile who sees it!

You can pick up a Shoulder Buddy at your local Hallmark or other store.  Use the Shoulder Buddy Store Locator to find them at a store near you.  I recently saw them at the Philadelphia Airport!  You can also buy them at the Shoulder Buddy Online Store for $5.99 each.


  1. Stefanie Steinberger says

    Aren’t you supposed to be on vacation????? Hope you are enjoying yourself!

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