shains.jpgThere’s a new fad taking over our neighborhood as the kids head back to school . Shains bracelets. Made from recycled/recyclable material, these unisex bracelets come with jibbitz-like letter/symbol “element” kits that let you personalize them and create whatever message you wish to share with the world. Their motto is “say it, wear it, mean it”
I can always tell when something like this is going to take off. Because my kids ask me for one and I find myself buying three. I stash them away, because I am a mom after all and this gluttony can seem unseemly but I, ummm they, gotta have them!
Let’s face it, old fashioned friendship bracelets are so yesterday. They take forever to make, and get all grungy in a single mudpie moment. Those of us who flunked Knotting 101 have friends too. We want to share our uniqueness and creativity with the world! And now we can. On a more sober note, these are a great way to make a fun “allergy alert” bracelet, or put your cell phone number somewhere on your kid that will be easy to find, while still fashion forward.
Shains are a great gift or party favor for kids aged 4 and up, either gender. They also make great gifts for fun loving Moms and Dads (hint hint). They are quite affordable with “element” packs starting at $1 and bracelet kits for $9 and up. 10% of the profits of every bracelet sold go to environmental charities. Buy yours at Shainsware.


  1. Thanks, Ciaran,for sharing. I especially like these because my name is Shane!

  2. I’m sorry but I think these are quite ugly, but then again I don’t wear crocs either.

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