BB-brightpink.jpgIt’s a tough lesson that every new parent learns. There are two kinds of bibs out there. The cute decorative ones that don’t work – thus causing your child’s special outfit to be wrecked, and the ones that work, saving the suit but wrecking the whole look with their cheezy slogans or awful colors.
Silly Billyz bibs toe the line between form and function. Their bibs are basic in appearance (solid colors) and come in a range of colors and styles to suit every type of drooler and messmaker. They won’t wreck your look. And perhaps most importantly, they won’t allow clothes to be wrecked. They have that perfect combo of absorbant front and waterproof back that keeps kids dry, clean and comfy. The bibs are pvc, vinyl and pthalate free, and no worries about lead. They also wash up really well.
I actually subjected this product to unusually tough testing. I have a friend with a special needs daughter who has a tracheotomy. Because of this, she constantly drools. She is not a toddler anymore and finding a bib for her to wear that is not embaressingly juvenile, or utterly useless, is a real challenge. Despite her disabilities, she still likes to look nice. She wears bibs 24/7 and washes them daily, so they need to perform. Her mom was truly impressed with the quality, function and looks of this product.
I was impressed with Silly Billyz’ commitment to making an excellent and functional product and how excited they were to talk with my friend and get her input on their bibs. It is clear that they are a small company that cares about their products and all the people who use them.
Check out the assortment of bibs, including biblets, pocket bibs, and long sleeved bibs on the Silly Billyz website. Mommies with Style get free shipping when you enter the code FREESHIP.

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