We’ve been stranded at home a few times in the past few weeks, due to snow days, rain days and sick days. The first few I dreaded. How many hours can I let my kids watch TV? But once we got KEVA Planks, my view of days domestic began its change.
We’ve been having so much fun with KEVA Planks. Its amazing something so simple could lead to hours of uninterrupted play. KEVA Planks are maple blocks which are all exactly the same size. Essentially, they’re simple, lightweight blocks. You’re thinking: really? that’s it? Just little planks of wood and Julie is raving? Huh?
Uh-huh. These little pieces of wood have been providing hours of family play time. Upon opening the box, the boys dug right in. They enjoyed the colorful pictures of KEVA sculptures (check out this link–you’ll be amazed!) And then the building started. Upon recognizing you can do more than just build up, the boys and I created 3-D stars, octagons and a variety of shapes. Carson (4) attempted a castle, while Wesley (2) began laying the planks flat to make a pattern. Later, as a group, we created a marble run (which worked!) And that first evening when Daddy came home, we built a tower taller than the kids, which required step-stool usage.
As a parent and teacher, I love the learning involved. While building the marble racer we employed mathematics, physics, archetectural skills and engineering. While experimenting removing one plank at a time to determine if the ball would still roll or if it would fall, we challenged our thinking by moving planks less than a centimeter and were astounded by changes that occured in the ball’s course. And we learned about slope when a ball slowed down or stopped moving. After making towers, the boys worked their skills by removing pieces a la Jenga until the kid-size tower came crashing down.
Later, I was found, alone, creating a family room of furniture for my imaginary Barbies (there are no real Barbies in this house.) The simplicity of KEVA Planks design allows for so much creativity in the minds of youngsters, their parents, and everyone who comes in contact.
If these are familiar, you’ve probably been to a museum lately. KEVA has recently been exhibited in museums nationwide. We are huge fans of our new KEVA Planks, I know they’ll be pulled out often and for years. I’m simply amazed at what can be done with simple wooden blocks.
(check out this link to see KEVA building in action at the entrance to Toy Fair in New York last month, where builders were creating the NY skyline, all from KEVA Planks.)

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