44502penguin Each time one of my kids stomps in a puddle, I have a little moment of deja vu.  I remember all too well the joy of splashing in puddles from when I was their age.  And I sound like my Mom when I tell them, “don’t jump in the puddles!”

Big shocker – they don’t listen, and I have to laugh and accept that this as one of those battles not worth fighting.  Because it makes them happy and you’re only a kid once, right?

That said, I had been thinking about getting them some rain gear given their pension for puddle hopping.  DLL Rainwear sent over a pair of boots for my 2-year-old to try out.  And although we haven’t had a chance to actually stomp in any real puddles yet, he’s having a lot of fun wearing them around the house.  We’re checking out the Western Chief Kids’ Penguin boots, which also has a cute matching umbrella and rain jacket.

If you’re looking for raingear of any kind for your child, this is the place to go as they have a huge selection from various brands.  Use coupon code MOMSTYLE 15 to receive 15% off your order on the site, coupon expires September 15th – one time use only per customer.


  1. I love this penguin umbrella its so cute and an umbrella comes to good use this summer!

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