I have a three-year-old neat-freak. Even a drop of spillage, and he gets totally upset. So, he tries really hard to stay clean, and especially tries not to spill.
Which is why it was so surprising that I heard myself tell him to sit in his seat when he drank his milk this morning. Its not like he spills often. Its not something I say often. Its just that the shirt he is wearing today is so darn awesome that I wanted him to go out in the world in it. I wanted everyone to see it!
Carson’s Sunwashed long-sleeve tee is eyecatching. Not because of an obnoxiously bright color, but because its just plain cool. The orange color is a laid-back orange and the applique of a guitar (which he loves) just seems to sing “hey man, I’m a cool, laid back guy.” Additionally, the quality is fantastic. The shirt is soft, thicker than a regular tee, and durable–its not shrinking in the wash. Initially, I was concerned that when I washed it the applique would shrink differently than the shirt so there would be pulling in one area, or wrinkling in another. Not a problem.
Tony Hawk, Jill Hennessy, Leslie Bibb and Will Ferrell’s children all wear Sunwashed tees. In fact, Tony Hawk’s wife, Lhotse Merriam, carries them in her store, Clover, in California.
I’m wanting more… a lot more. Free shipping–no coupon necessary.

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