primo Whether its because he’s higher or sitting straighter is irrelevant, because my 3-year-old is sitting longer and eating better now that he’s in a PRIMO Deluxe Easy Chair at the table.

I know, it sounds a bit odd, right? That a chair can make that much of a difference? But the Primo Deluxe puts kids at a height right for their body. With adjustable seat and footrest, it can accomodate kids from 18 months through teen years (and, honestly, I’ve sat in it a few times.) Simple to build, once the child is in it at the correct height* you’ll notice his posture improving at the table. And with a footrest, there’s a lot less cause for a restless foot that distracts the child while eating.

As a teacher, I also have to mention the difference this chair is making with his crafting and writing. He prefers to sit in his Primo than a regular chair when he crafts, colors, and paints at the table. I know its because his posture is better which enables him  to do more. He thinks its because he’s more comfortable. And, really, we’re both right.

The chair comes with a restraint bar and crotch strap for younger kids, which we didn’t feel necessary for our preschooler. When assembling, be sure to drill in the screws very tightly. If they’re even a bit loose, the chair becomes wobbly and the seat can slip out. (This cause for a few laughs and no injuries in our house.)

*Ideally, the bend in the elbows should create right angles as should knees.

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