One of the most challenging things when you’re on a diet or trying to eat healthy, in my opinion, is eating out. Or just dealing with eating out somewhere other than your house.

I know that this was a huge hurdle for me when I was doing the Whole30 earlier this year. That eating lifestyle is strict – only healthy and whole foods and there’s almost always something out in the real world to thwart your efforts.

I took the packing my meals as often as I could. I read menus ahead of time; I packed my own salad dressing.

I was able to make it work but one of the reasons it worked so well for me was that I:

1) did it in the dead of winter where there wasn’t a whole ton socially to temp me


2) I work from home.

If I worked out of the house every day, I would have had to find another way to live on a day to day basis. In other words, planning and meal packing.

Ironically around the same time, a company called Six Pack Fitness reached out to me about their Six Pack Bags. I assumed they were fitness related bags until I checked out their website. They are stylish meal packing bags – you would not know these bags are designed to tote food around, they are cute looking! But besides being cute looking, they are efficient. My interest was piqued since I was in the middle of a lifestyle eating change.

They sent me the Reneeto test out – a Travel Tote & Laptop Bag and a “Meal Management Tote.” Check some of these pictures out. Looks like an ordinary bag, right?

Here’s a shot of the bag inside:

But zip open the front pouch and you’ll find this:

Basically a hidden spot to stash all of your food. I seriously do not think you would know this was there by just looking at it. There are compartments that hold tupperware containers for your food, as well as small alcoves with specially made ice packs to keep everything cold:

Even better, there’s one big zippered section in the front that holds all your normal purse items on top of a compartment for a 17 inch laptop! The whole thing feels a little Harry Potter/magical – there’s just hidden spots for space everywhere. I feel like I could stash and pull a rabbit out of this bag if I wanted.

The Renee is available in Black Stealth and Navy Blue for colors. It holds 4 meals, comes preloaded with 4 Sure Seal Containers, 2 Small Freezer Packs, 1 Large Freezer Pack, and a Sports Nutrition Compact. Features a large main compartment with dedicated laptop slot, and organizational pockets for commuter accessories.

I think this is an awesome option for a working out-of-the-home woman.

Also, if you aren’t looking for stylish or are a guy, there are plenty of other Six Bag Fitness Meal Replacement Bags available.

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