Image and video hosting by TinyPic I’m sure you’ve heard about Skechers Shape-Ups ($110 for the Breast Cancer Awareness Version). But what are they really like and do they work? In a nutshell, they ROCK!!

I recently received a pair to test out and I’ll admit, I was a bit intimidated by them. I was going out to the store, sans kids, and I figured I’d take them for a test run. They felt so odd that I quickly took them off, I wasn’t sure I should go to a supermarket with shoes that felt that different (Skechers describes the experience like walking in sand). A few days later, my friend Esti of came over wearing hers and I related my experience. She laughed and said, “They’re great, try them again”. So, I pulled them out again. I walked around my apartment as our children played together and I loved the shoes! Esti and I agreed that they were like walking on a cloud – Skechers describes them like walking on sand.

Then came phase two: taking them to the streets. I decided to put them on to go get my lunch, taking the baby in his stroller. After a walk around the corner, I felt my calves working — like I had just done a long walk. Skechers recommends limiting daily sessions with the Shape-Ups to 25-45 minutes for the first 2 weeks, increasing you time in 5 – 10 minute increments. Walking in Shape-Ups to get stronger leg, rear end, back and ab muscles? Yeah, I’m into that!

Thank you to Skechers for sending a product sample.


  1. I’ve wondered if they’re really worth it. Interesting!

  2. I’ve had them for a year- I have ALWAYS found it difficult to find comfortable shoes. . my tennis sneakers being the only exeption.
    Now I have the Skecher shape-ups and I do LOVE them- i wear them most days-Not sure about the increased ‘toning’ of leg muscles- but I do admit I am able to walk 1-3 miles, a few days a week in them and do not feel tired at all. Definitely worth it!

  3. I didn’t know how much my Skeches would enable me to finally get into clothes that I thought I would never wear again!!! They do feel great on and give even a short walk an extra lift of energy both mentally and physically!!

  4. Hello, I worry I would fall down a lot. I am clumsy to begin with barefoot. I am glad you are liking them hot mama!

  5. Very cool! My sister in law tried them and was a little uncomfortable — she probably just needed to give them a longer try.

  6. Thanks! Good to hear. I’ve heard mostly good things for the most part.

  7. Travel Mom says

    Your link for these shoes is broken. Where’s the best place to buy these at a good price? Online or in the stores?

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