picture-43 I’ve long been a fan of shoes like MBT Trainers which I reviewed for Mommies With Style a while ago. These shoes made a believer out of me as they lived up to their claim of improving my bottom line and reducing cellulite with regular use. I’ve owned and enjoyed my MBTs for a few seasons but I’m ready to move on to the new Shape Ups shoe in town from Sketchers.

Why am I abandoning my MBTs? For starters, Shape Ups are cheaper and Shape Ups come in a variety of cute styles including boots for those of you in colder climates. They are lighter weight than the MBT’s and softer and more flexible. As great as the MBT’s worked, I stopped wearing them regularly when I found it difficult to stand in one place for very long while wearing them. I don’t have this issue with the Shape Ups. I am able to wear them all day long and stand in line at the grocery store or while doing dishes etc, without any discomfort.

What I love best about shoes like these is how easy, passive really,  they make it to  to get fitness results. I don’t have time always for a toning workout, but I am always walking around. Why not make the most of it? Wearing a shoe like this is a small tweal that gets remarkable results. All you have to do is remember to wear the shoes.

If you’ve never worn shoes like Shape Ups you will definitely “feel” it at the end of a day walking around in them. Go for a walk around the neighborhood and you’ll burn more calories and work more muscles, without really trying. Shape Ups also improve your balance, work your core and reduce cellulite. Walking in them the squishy heel upon impact gives you a walking on sand sensation. Your foot then rolls forward, propelling you comfortably. The Shape Ups are lighter weight than other similar shoes I have tried and a little more flexible which makes them more comfy to me.

One side note: If you are a pronator like me and need to wear orthotics in your shoes, you will be happy to know they fit in great in Shape Ups. Not all sport shoes accommodate mine, so I was glad to know this was not a problem.

Check out my photo slideshow review of Sketcher’s Shape Ups on Whrrl


  1. I totally agree with you! I wrote a comparison between Skechers Shape ups and MBT on my blog and from testing i much preferred the Skechers Shape Ups! Softer, light weight, better looking, cheaper AND they have clinical research into their weight loss benefits – something which MBT don’t appear to have!

  2. I prefer Earth Footwear. All the benefits. None of the orthopedic look.

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  4. Today,a good shoes to a people is more and more important.Let me tell you something about MBT shoes.MBT anti shoes have been known as “the world’s smallest gym”.Since they increase muscle activity,strenthening and toning of the leg,buttock,stomach and back muscles takes place during everyday activities like walking and standing.

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  6. Proudmama says

    Do Not Wear Shape ups while pregancy The shape of the shoe puts pressure on your uterus. can cause major harm to a fetus.

  7. very good post

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