Dads don’t want ties. Ever. It’s like getting kids socks for Christmas. Sure, dad might need them, but it’s hard to be excited about a piece of clothing required for work. Instead, this Father’s Day, get dad this book: We Stood Upon Stars by Roger Thompson.

We Stood Upon Stars Roger Thompsons

Dads crave adventure. You may have heard some tales about crazy campouts or road trips he did when he was younger, but now dad’s days are likely filled with mortgages, dinner parties, and Little League games. You know, adulting. But most dads still have that longing for a sense of adventure inside them. Roger Thompson did and he decided to be deliberate about finding adventure both for his own sake and for the sake of his two sons who were getting taller and taller with each year and closer and closer to moving out of the house.


This book is perfect for any dad who:

  • misses adventure in his life
  • loves to travel
  • is wondering how he can have an impact on his kids
  • likes to read (it’s really good)
  • hate to read (the books is written as a bunch of short stories each on a separate location – great for bathroom reading)
  • is trying to figure out what is important in life
  • is wondering if he’s doing it right
  • needs to find a way to justify his camping and fishing trips as “finding himself”
  • wonders what legacy he has to leave his kids
  • thinks about how to be a good father, friend, or husband (or has a wife who thinks he should think about these things…)
  • likes to find secret fishing spots, the perfect pub, or the best burger in a new small town
  • dads who have ever traveled anywhere in the West (California coast, Montana, Texas, Colorado, etc.)
  • new dads
  • old dads
  • dads-to-be


I’m guessing you’re getting the point. This book is a good fit for pretty much any dad – unless he hates the outdoors or traveling. Then not for him. Everyone else will be inspired to think beyond mortgages and honey-dos, to consider how our fears and flaws can be just as powerful a part of our parenting, how adventure and travel and the unknown can cause our best selves – the ones we didn’t even know existed – to step into the light. And how a fart in nature that scatters ducks and sends deer running for the hills is still funny – even when you’re in your forties.

Here’s another reason you should make this your go-to Father’s Day gift. It’s just as good a read for the ladies. Like the time your husband bought you a power drill so you could “do things around the house” that was really for him, this is a book that you’re going to want to steal. In our family, we had to buy two copies just so my husband, my son, and I would stop fighting over the book and losing each other’s place.


I have dozens of favorite quotes of wisdom from We Stood Upon Stars, but I’ll leave you with this one:

There is a higher purpose of adventure. An adventure simultaneously reveals who we are capable of becoming and nudges us in that direction. Even more, an adventure does the same for our children. Before they are plagued with doubt about what they can’t do; a good adventure shows them what they can. And the more they hike mountains, or cross the river, or stare at the stars, the more they will ask the bigger questions and believe in the bigger version of themselves. On the playground they wonder if they have the superpowers to overcome their fears; a good adventure will prove to them at they do. (pg. 189)

Still not convinced? Download a sample chapter HERE to get a sense of Roger’s storytelling genius. As a Father’s Day special, Roger has also created a free family camping guide available HERE. As someone who has camped with Roger and his family dozens of times, I can tell you that this guide is full of good ideas from the key elements to consider when choosing a campsite, how to properly make a campfire and Roger’s secret recipe for grilled trout and breakfast burritos.


Plus, as a special for Father’s Day, if you purchase the book before June 19th and visit Rog’s website, you’ll get a Father/Child Adventure guide, poster, camping guide, and a bonus chapter you won’t want to miss! AND you’ll be entered to win a cool dad, adventure-friendly man bag from Sons of Trade.


What are you waiting for? Go return that tie/coffee mug/bag of jellybeans and pick up a copy of We Stood Upon Stars at your local bookstore and start planning your next adventure.



  1. Perfect, I just heard 90% of fathers day gifts are bought in the last 24 hours so I am ahead of schedule in buying this book. It looks GREAT!

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