So my Twitter friend Steve tweeted me about this to alert me this morning and I made a quick purchase and ran out the door. I just got home and had to search and saw they are STILL available. For those of you whose kids are into Skylanders, RUN to Amazon and snatch these up.

We’ve been looking for Skylanders Adventure Packs since CHRISTMAS and have been unsuccessful thus far. (You can get them on eBay for completely jacked up prices but I was refusing to do that) The Adventure Packs are great because they come with two characters plus an additional item that will unlock another level to the game.

Get them now which you can – $19.99 for one Skylander Adventure Pack on Amazon with free shipping.


  1. Sams in Exton had lots of the three character packs yesterday. There were two different sets but lots of inventory. We have been looking for them for a while too. I was surprised to see so many packs.

    • Dottie, really? I should head over to look. We have lot of the characters and I’ve seen some character packs here and there – still tough to find for sure! The expansion packs are what I’ve been after for and it’s been impossible to find them! I went a little nuts and bought all 3 today so I may put some away for a rainy day this summer since that was a little out of control for Easter LOL

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