Last month I announced my participation in a Skype Ambassador program with Mom Central.  I talked about the basics and how much I love using Skype in my every day life.

Delving a little bit more into that, I wanted to talk today about how it just makes communicating with everyone in my life so much more efficient and easier.

I use Skype for a multitude of reasons:

1) I have a group chat with some social media moms who are friends.  We chat daily about our lives but we often pick each other’s brains on work-related issues.  It’s much easier than an email stream!  And I always have it open and up because I have Skype often for all of my other reasons, including:

2) I mentioned that one of my good friends just moved to Singapore.  I’m able to chat with her daily now.  We can also video chat (12 hour difference) on a whim and it’s just nice that we’re both on and that option to talk several different ways is available thanks to Skype.

3) Group video!  Recently my parents moved to Ohio to live near my sister.  But before that, they were living in Florida.  Often I’d want to talk to both my sister AND my parents… Skype to the rescue!  You do have to pay extra for a Skype Premium account.  If you pay for a year, it’s $4.99 a month.  Totally worth it if you have a big family in several locations – so great to be able to group video chat!

It’s really about the convenience for me.  I now have Skype on my iPad, iPhone and laptop.  Just last night I did a quick video chat with my parents from Skype on my phone to their computer to show them my kids in the backyard chasing around the fireflies.  My parents were 500 miles away and got to share in that live moment while I was outside.  Priceless.

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Skype. I received Skype credits to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”


  1. yes, it is priceless!!!!

  2. Time for me to figure out how to do it. I know your parents love watching the boys open their Christmas presents!!!

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