Here’s a gorgeous way to babywear: SlingEZee. As a babywearer, I was big on the pouch and the Mei Tai, I never tried a sling because I was fearful it would be too hard, too much work.
But the new and improved SlingEZee is just what the title implies, an easy sling. Its extremely padded, which I thought would make adjustments difficult, but the design of the padding ensures a simple adjustment. While thick (though not heavy) batting lines the rails and the shoulder, the area to adjust the sling has less, which makes adjustments easier.
Babywearing is a key assistant in breastfeeding, and the SlingEZee is designed to assist in discreet breastfeeding, with a hammock sized to allow baby comfortable access to the breast, without overt exposure. According to the SlingEZee website:

Baby wearing helps babies thrive. Close to their milk supply, babies nurse more frequently. As a result of there being shorter time between feedings, the breast milk is higher in healthy fat. Frequent feedings of higher fat milk may help babies gain more weight. Worn babies also spend less energy fussing for feedings, so their bodies can devote more energy to growing!

When you order, be sure to check out the sizing chart, measure, and also use the guidance of shirt sizes; its really important for a sling to fit properly. Slinging, as with all babywearing, is good for your back. But a proper fit is what ensures the healthy body of a wearer.
Of course, a lot of slings are comfortable, plenty are padded, strong or easy to adjust. And with a million slings on the market, how does one choose? Besides looking at comfort and fit, of course a Mommy with Style will consider the style. And I have to mention that the fabrics SlingEZee has selected are certainly good looking. Good looking enough to turn heads and get comments. Good looking enough that I’m now looking for a matching bag in their chic fabrics.
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