Here are four reasons I like this new little gadget from San Disk called SlotRadio:
1) It’s a great generic gift. Full of over 1,000 pre-loaded songs, you can’t go wrong as those 1k songs include various genres like country, hip-hop and rock. There’s a little something for everyone on here.
2) It’s quick and easy. No need for iTunes or fiddling around with a Playlist – it comes preloaded with all of these songs so you can buy it, pop the card in and go.
3) It’s affordable. For $99, you’re getting the player, the disc and over 1,000 songs. It’s $1 a song on iTunes – you do the math. It’s a steal for just the music!
4) It’s compact and clips right onto your pants or bag, making it great for working out and being on-the-go.
Right now, it’s only available for purchase on the Slot Radio website. For $99 you get the the player and the music. They are currently including free shipping AND a carrying case ($14.99 value) – you need to order by the end of the day tomorrow, April 22nd to get the free shipping.

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