Earlier this week, we were hit with snow storm Stella. It was winter’s last attempt at saying her peace. At least, I hope that’s the case because I’m going to be super cranky if we get any more snow at a this point now that it’s the end of March.

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of the cold and snow. This snow was brutal too because it was snow mixed with ice so we now have snow piles all around that are hard as a rock because they were topped with several layers of ice after the snow laid down.

Anyhow, in my not so humble opinion, about the only good thing that comes out of having a snow day is that it forces us all to slow down and relax. The kids were thrilled, of course. And I spent much of the time just lounging around – I read my book a little, did some work and snuggled up to the kids on the couch with a cup of coffee! That never happens! We’re always rushing off to some after school activity or I’m busy working so it really is nice sometimes to get a forced slow-down day.

So when I wasn’t sitting 0n the couch sipping some gourmesso coffee, I was baking cookies with my kids and also making a batch of homemade playdough. I swear, making that stuff doesn’t get old no matter how big my kids get. Even *I* enjoy playing with it.

Nate was actually asking if we could make slime but we didn’t have enough glue. Apparently slime-making is the new thing for middle school kids to do lately? Are your kids into this?

And since Cole gave up watching tv for Lent on all weekdays, they were forced to come up with other alternatives to passing the time. There was lots of Lego-building and other toy-building that happened throughout the day too as you can see below.


Did you have a snow day last week and what did you do? Sometimes we all need a little snow day, whether it’s forced or not, just a day to sit back, sip your coffee and enjoy the relaxing moments at home.

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