fieldday.jpgHere’s a new one that is a boon for nursing moms. The Slurp and Burp! Its an ingenious little coverup and burpcloth all in one.
The design is simple – it looks similar to a pouch sling (but please, please, do not ever attempt to carry a baby in this, ok?!). The loop of fabric is made of half soft comfy cotton knit, and half woven burpcloth fabric. It folds up compactly and tucks easily into a diaper bag or purse.
Here’s how it works: The stretchy part of the Slurp and Burp fabric loop offers just enough coverage to comfortably nurse your baby, without flashing the world. But here’s the genius part. When you finish nursing on one side, you can put your baby to your shoulder, to the woven burp cloth section, and burp away. When you switch sides, shift/rotate the loop to the opposite shoulder and you will have coverage on the opposite side, as well as a fresh section of burp cloth. Afterwards, toss the Slurp and Burp in the wash.
So simple and smart – like all my favorite baby products. You cannot have too many of these tucked away in diaper bags, purses and the car. It will make public nursing much simpler, and is bound to be a go-to item. I just wish I’d had one when I was breastfeeding. I gave one to a new mommy neighbor to test and she reports that she is just waiting for my article to order some more. She never goes out without it!
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