So if it weren’t totally disgusting, I’d take a picture of left arm to post here because I don’t know if you all will believe me. But from my shoulder down to my elbow, I’m bruised up and down and it looks like I’m either seriously klutzy, or I was in some kind of accident.
Someone inflicted my wounds. He’s 21 pounds and he poops in a diaper.
Oh yes – it’s true – my baby’s greatest pleasure in life these days involves doing the swoop and dive into his Mom’s tasty flesh and biting down as hard as he can. He’s working on teeth 5 and 6 so I know my arm is serving as temporary teething pain relief.
And as I run around the house screaming, he’s only more provoked as he (and his brother who loves to observe) bursts into fits of cute baby giggles. Of course, my “no” (which I both sign and say) seems to only egg him on.
I’ve been trying all sorts of distractions – the latest is a necklace I had received a few months back from Smart Mom Jewelry. I pulled it out again in the hope that it would distract him and it’s definitely helping.
Smart Mom Jewelry makes “teething bling.” These necklaces and bracelets are made of the same material that’s found in teething toys. It’s non-toxic of course, and totally safe for baby to chew on. Plus, they are affordable, kind of funky looking and cool to wear on their own.
Use coupon code S-MWS to receive a free bangle ($12 value) with every pendant purchase, expires September 2008. Save yourself. Check it out.

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