About 2 months ago, I hung a magnetic Snacker Tracker board on my refrigerator. With its try erase pen and bring colors, my kids were intrigued. Little did they know that there was a trick to the fun the magnet promised–we were going to start eating healthy. Really healthy.
Snacker Tracker uses a color-coded food pyramid to track what your children are eating. In our case, our kids were able to track what they were eating–which provided a great education on healthy eating habits as well as goal setting. Coded by age, the kids analyze every meal and snack they ate, and categorized them into either: Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy, Protien, Grains and Water (there are also small sections for sweets). With a goal of filling their colored area (dark for 2 and unders, light & dark for all other kids), the kids checked off as they ate breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. At the end of each day, we discussed which areas were completely filled (meaning they met their goals) and which were left a bit empty. Which would prompt us for discussing a packed lunch for the following day: Hmmm… you didn’t have enough vegetables today? What can we put in your lunch tomorrow to make sure you are eating more veggies?”
The novelty of the chart still hasn’t worn off. The kids are reminded daily to eat healthy simply by discussing their charts.
Included with the Snacker Tracker is an invaluable Nutritional Guide. This guide alone is worth the $19.95 cost. It offers exceptional information on feeding your child. But most helpful for me is the page that explains serving sizes for children. Obviously, children’s bodies are smaller than ours, and its not necessary for them to eat as much of each item… but I never knew just how much was the right amount to feed my child in a serving. The guide is constantly out and open to the Just How Much is a Serving Size? page — as I’ve learned to rely on it when serving the boys their dinners.
All orders placed in May and June will receive a FREE pocket pal–a sneak peak at a new product by Snacker Tracker.

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