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Any of you guys Snapple fans? What about Iced Tea? If you are, you’ll be interested to hear that Snapple has a new product –
Snapple Straight Up Tea. It comes in three options: Unsweetened with 0 calories, Sorta Sweet with 90 calories and Sweet with 180 calories.

This one was a post for my husband Jon. He’s a huge iced tea fan and drinks it daily. He’s actually on the road a lot for work and will often be drinking late into the night. He buys single serve Iced Teas like Snapple Straight Up Tea are his thing – he drinks them like a champ on long road trips! (He would like me to point out at this point in the post that his mean wife often makes him get up for the 5 am road trip and since he’s NOT a morning person he’s all about the tea caffeine!)

I sent him off to Giant to pick up one of each flavor to test them out and give his stamp of approval. The first stamp of approval came when he got home, “They were 10 for $10!” Another way to get close to my husband’s heart is to score a good deal at the grocery store!

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So we tried the Sorta Sweet and the Sweet and Jon’s on team Sorta Sweet and I’m on team Sweet. Jon said that it really did have a brewed tea taste which he appreciates because he’s also a morning hot tea guy.

If you have Giant grocery store in your area like I do, they are currently 10 for $10 and you can check this linkout to search for your closest Giant.

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