snowday Most of New England is preparing for a big storm to wallop them tonight and tomorrow.  I’m seeing reports of up to 2 feet up in CT and Boston!  Here in Philly there’s a big debate among the meteorologists about how much we’ll actually get but either way, it won’t be a surprise if my kids get a snow day tomorrow.

Here’s a couple of quick ideas of things to do tomorrow to prevent us all from climbing the walls:

1) Make Playdough – if you have time run out and get the ingredients you need!  You may already everything in your house (I never have the Cream of Tartar on hand unless it’s for this).  My kids still love doing this and playing with it.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 11.37.07 AM
2. Build a Fort – put a bunch of pillows and blankets out and let them build a fort!  A timeless activity that is always entertaining for kids.

3. Kinetic Sand – if you have time yet to go out, grab some of this at your local store – they sell it at Toys R Us, Target and Michaels, to name a few!  My kids have some and it’s always a hit when this comes out.  I even enjoy playing with this – there’s something soothing about it. (Pretending I’m at the beach, maybe?)  Clean up isn’t too bad either – this sand has a very slightly sticker factor so it tends to want to stick together rather than end up in little bits all over.

4.  Have a Tea Party (with hot chocolate!)

5. Give them some marshmallows and toothpicks.  Cheapest toy ever and they can build and make fun things.

6.  Paint with Marbles (source: the Mother Huddle)

7.  Make paper-cut out snowflakes (source: Martha Stewart)

8. Paint the Snow! (source: Painting a Jeweled Rose

9.  Have a Car Wash – take your kids Hot Wheels and car toys and let them wash them in the bath with bubbles and soap.

10. Let them Color the Snow – have food coloring in your house?  Let them use it up outside making fun designs in the snow.



  1. Jerome Ontipiago says

    Great ideas. I also like to take some time to get them up on their reading. Books That Grow is like a kindle for kids – great range of content with different levels so everyone can keep up!

  2. Thanks for your share .

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