games.jpgAre you living without snow? Do your kids long for making snowballs to launch at one another? What’s a mom to do? Contact Snowed In, makers of a new way to have a snowball fight—indoors.
Made of lightweight fluffy material, these indoor snowballs can turn a boring day into something memorable! Best part, you can use these snowballs in any temperature or any season. So you have a niece and nephew in Florida who haven’t yet enjoyed the pleasures of a snowball fight? Get them the Snowed In Snow Ball Fun Kit. It gets them moving and the snowballs are lightweight enough that everyone can enjoy the fun without getting owies (that goes for your sister-in-laws housewares too).
We received the Snow Ball Fun Kit a week ago and my four-year-old simply loves it. And personally, playing snow games has never been as much fun for me too. After all, the snow where I live (when we do get any) tends to be more ice than anything else. So it brightens a cold wintry day when I get to play with a snowball that doesn’t melt and I can use year round.
Here’s an added bonus, when you mention Mommies With Style with any order, you’ll receive a complimentary snow-yo. Let the snow games begin!

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