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Since Mother Nature decided to dump 30 inches on our little neck of the woods over the weekend, we’ve had a lot of indoor family bonding time. Thankfully the power held steady so there was Wifi for us all to pass the time in a variety of ways but when the kids weren’t jumping in snow banks or playing Minecraft, they were looking for fun things to do.

One of the games we got out that my Mom had given us over Christmas is this totally under-rated game I had heard nothing about that provides all sorts of fun:Bellz. It’s a really simple concept – you’re using a magnet to pick up colored bells. Each person has their own color and you have to not touch the other colors and try and be the first to pick up all your bells.

It’s a great all-play for the 6+ age crowd (wouldn’t play with anyone younger – there are small magnetized bells and you don’t want to mess with the choking hazard) and it’s a quick game. It’s 10-20 minutes tops so you can get a bunch of rounds in when you’re snowed inside with no hope of seeing the outside world until a plow comes by!

Get Bellz on Amazon for $17.81. It comes in a nifty little zip up case so it hardly takes up any space in your house!


  1. A fun, simple game-lots of laughs!

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