This week’s Pinspiration was inspired by this pin and the threat of an epic snowstorm that fell flat here in Philadelphia Sunday night. For days, the weathermen were threatening that winter storm Titan would dump a foot of snow or more on Philly but it ended up missing us and going south to all you folks in the DC area. Can’t say I was too bummed out to miss the snow!

So the yard sticks are one-foot craft wooden sticks that we got at Target.  Because we were due to get a foot or more, we used a glue gun to stick them together and make one big snowman that could measure up to 16 inches!  But you can definitely do this with less.

In preparation though, I had picked up some goodies to make this Snowman Snow Measuring Stick craft for the kids to measure our latest snowfall total.  It was an easy and quick one that the kids had fun with.  That is literally all I bought.  The rest of the items were things I had around the house and I think that’s the point – you can make a Measure the Snow Snowman Stick with just about anything!

We used –

Some black & orange construction paper (for carrot nose and black hat)
Googly eyes
A random pipe cleaner for his scarf
Random pom-poms we had for his buttons
Glue gun


Basically you can get creative as long as you have a wooden stick of some kind to use as a measurement!  We lined up a ruler next to it and measured and marked off the inches with a sharpie and then the kids got decorating!

Pinspiration is a weekly series I do on Tuesdays with 3 other fabulous bloggers. We take one pin we saw that week and recreate it – it can be beauty, a recipe, fitness-related or pretty much just about anything! It gives us an excuse to try something new. We have a linky below where you can join in too – we’d love to have you! Try it next week – what inspires you on Pinterest? Try it! Post about it and let us know how it went!


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