This video’s an exclusive from Gizmodo. They are apparently the only other website besides Apple that has exclusive photos and video of Apple’s latest product.

Just one month ago, We were walking in Center City Philadelphia. It was a hot day and my kids had had a long weekend of no sleep and lots of playing with friends.  Nate (my 6 year old) was holding my iPhone as he had been playing a game of Angry Birds(greatest app ever).

He tripped on a uneven part of the cement sidewalk and my iPhone went flying.  The screen shattered.  Lucky for me, King of Prussia and the Apple store was on our way home.

After a long two hour wait (never ever go to the Apple Store in King of Prussia on a Sunday afternoon), I was told that they could replace my glass – but for the same cost I could get a new iPhone but it would be the same one I had.  I paid $199 to get a new phone (of my old model).  It was so frustrating because the guy told me that there was a good chance the new one was coming out in a few weeks if I could wait – but who can live without their iPhone for several weeks?  I certainly couldn’t have.

So it was with frustration and Mommy tech geekdom that I watched the announcement of the latest iPhone yesterday.

It’s sleek.  It’s pretty.  It’s fast and slim.  And it has a flash with the camera.  (insert heavenly music here)  I totally want one.  My iPhone envy is just about as great as my iPad envy now and it’s only a matter of time before I cave and get one or the other.  Or both.  (Look away from the blog post, husband.  Just look away.)

So what are your thoughts?  Will you be getting one?


  1. I cannot wait until my contract with Verizon is up so that I can finally switch to the iPhone. I honestly don’t even care WHICH iPhone at this point. I have been an Apple Geek for years now–I actually still have, though it doesn’t work, the original iPod–the big old clunker. I have been waiting for the iPhone to come to Verizon so I don’t have to switch carriers. No more. If iPhone won’t come to me, I am going to it!

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