Here’s a cute, hand-designed shop. Violet Gumdrop is a place to check out when looking for personalized gifts for baby, mom and bride.
Wesley’s new lightswitch plate celebrates his love of football with his name on it as well. The design was been decoupaged onto the switch, allowing for total room ownership.
Also at Violet Gumdrop, we’re loving the generously-sized bibs. Our 2-year-old uses bibs while spilling (err… eating) his cereal each morning. But as he ages, its harder and harder to find bib necks to fit his 2-year-old neck, usually forcing an early pull-off, much before the spilling is over. The bibs at Violet Gumdrop weren’t tight enough to bother him. These actually stay on. And how cute that his announces “BREAKFAST”–he knows its now his special breakfast bib.
Use code violet to save 10% off your entire purchase at Violet Gumdrop.

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