Right around the time that soccer season started this fall, a friend posted about the Sport Brella ($19.99, Amazon). I think it was my friend Amy from but I can’t be sure – was that you Amy?  If so, thank you!  I am totally in love with this little product that I ended up ordering after seeing it on Facebook and can’t believe that I’ve spent years being a Soccer Mom and not having one of these.

The Sport Brella is an umbrella designed for sports observers.  It’s a swivel umbrella that clamps onto your chair with an adjustable clamp that is SUPER EASY to use.  I have now used it for both the rain and sunshine and I’m in the process of ordering a second because I inevitably always lose it to one of my boys (whichever one is not playing!).  You can see from the photo that Nate used it this weekend in his little brother’s game!  The afternoon sun was hot and having the shade, which also provides SPF 50+ for sun protection by the way, provided much needed respite.  We’ve also used it in the pouring rain during a game too.

Of course you can use this beyond the soccer field – it’s great for the beach or to use in bleachers!

The Sport Brella folds up into a VERY narrow bag with a shoulder strap so it’s really easy to tote around.   If you’re watching any sort of sport this fall, this is the best $20 you could spend.  Get the  Sport Brella ($19.99, Amazon)

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  1. Stacey Schantz says

    OMG must order this right now!!!I have been looking for something to shade me! Thanks for posting!!!

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