I’ve been going a little shoe-crazy lately. Not for me this time, for my 1-year-old.
Even though he’s been walking for 6 weeks or so, we’re sticking with soft-soled shoes. He’s more sure-footed in them, more comfortable and balanced and, well, more mobile. And I’ve become addicted.
Today, Wes selected his Bobux. (Yes, he gets to look at the line-up of shoes infront of him and select each morning.) Of all of the soft-soled shoes we’ve tried, Bobux are the widest, so they slip on easily over all types of socks. I even found myself recommending them to a friend today who was saying that her one-year-old is in double-wide shoes. I promised her they’ll fit, she shouldn’t even have to order a size up.
And while they go on loosely, there’s nothing loose about these shoes. They won’t fall off, and Wes can’t pull them off. The elastic ankle fits snugly, comfortably. My son doesn’t have the thinnest of ankles, and there’s no elastic strap mark when you take them off. The people at Bobux searched to find an elastic that is soft and non-binding. And, here’s a bit of trivia for you: the piece of leather that covers the top of the foot is called the vamp. The vamp on Bobux is so soft the “buttah” leather massages the ankle and foot, rather than squeezes.
But why did Wesley select his Bobux today? I’m fairly certain it wasn’t to make mommy’s day easier when I needed to slip them on. No, its because of something Bobux does that I haven’t seen on any other baby shoe. They turned their characters around. The faces face the baby. So when he looks down, there’s a cute tiger looking up at him, rather than an upside down tiger that looks cute for the grandparents to oogle over. (Don’t worry, they’ll still oogle. I promise!)
Use coupon code BF52005 for $5.00 off each pair of Bobux purchased!


  1. Hi,
    I found that the link with the discount code takes you to a "page not found". And then if you place an order with the normal website there isn't a spot to enter a discount code. Just wanted to let you know.

  2. The broken code has been fixed. Thank you. The code will work at the http://www.bobuxusa.com/ website.
    Best, Julie

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