Its amazing how often I toss a coffee cup. Each time I feel a ping of guilt. I’ve tried to remember to bring a clean, reusable mug, but I’d need 7 to make it through the week because, to be honest, I just don’t have the hands to remember to bring the dirtied mug inside to clean each day. So, yes, I’m contributing to cardboard pollution each day.
However, I’m also doing a tiny part to help out the Earth while I sip my coffee. I recently purchased a few SQUEEZEs from Dizzle Pop at Etsy. Using fantastically fun fabrics, Gigi makes them to match your outfits, and keep your hands from burning. These cotton coffee-cup holders are lined with a soft fleece to keep your hands from the heat–so much chic-er and more protective than the cardboard ones. I love them for the style. So many people have complimented and asked me where to get them, I just knew I’d have to share it.
So, while I failed to use one of my many reusable travel coffee mugs at the coffee shop today, I am doing my tiny part. Because in addition to dressing my coffee to look cute, I’m keeping about 300 of those cardboard covers from being used and tossed each year. Lets do some math, if 300 people order, that’s 90,000 cardboard covers that aren’t being used and tossed each year.
They also come with a tiny pocket–perfect for a “frequency” card or a gift card–a great way to present a coffee shop gift certificate! Completely machine washable, you can get away with one. But with all the cute fabrics, you know you’ll want more!
When you order, mention MWS in the comments area and you’ll receive a free shippping rebate.

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