cover.jpg Are you headed out of town this holiday week or later this summer? Do you wax nostalgic about all those roadtrips of your youth when you belted out songs from the back of the station wagon, windows open to catch a breeze as you cruised on down the highway to the lake/camp/cabin/beach house?
Now you can recapture some of that summer spirit with the CD Compilation “Let’s Go – Travel, Camp and Car Songs” by Susie Tallman and Friends from Rock Me Baby Records.
This collection is jam packed with all the classic kid songs – from Oh Susanna and On Top of Spaghetti, to Goin’ on a Bearhunt and even Blowin’ in the Wind. The arrangements are catchy and kitschy without being cloying or cutesy, which is a good thing. Because when my husband and I are doing our best impression of a couple of opera virtuosos performing Where oh Where has my Little Dog Gone, there is no extra room for cutesy in the car.
Leave the DVDs in the trunk when you travel this summer and pop this CD into the car CD player instead. You’ll be surprised and your kids will be impressed by how you still know all the words to every song.

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