Anything that helps a baby sleep more is a good thing! A swaddle blanket is usually the first step to that, but sometimes can be tricky to configure tightly so your baby doesn’t kick out of it.  SootheTIME offers some adorable spruced up swaddles in their new line of infant sleep essentials, zzzTime (pronounced z-time). For newborns, the Snooze Wrap™ Plus ($24.99) is an easy way to swaddle and offers head support, tummy comfort wraps, and the adjustable pocket grows with baby.When your baby busts out of the swadding stage — the Snooze Sack wearable blanket is available. It will soothe your little one’s tummy with comfort wraps, and has mesh near the legs ( to provide airflow and release excess heat). Late night diaper changes are a breese with a bottoms up zipper.

For an extra safety step, both the Snooze Wrap and the Snooze Sack have Sleep Stabilizer Tabswhich attach to the SoothTIME’s special Snooze Sheet™  to comfortably secure baby in the pediatrician-recommended back sleep position without loose blankets or wedges. The Snooze Sheet comes in a playard or crib size ($15.98).

–Nancy Johnson Horn

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