When I last reviewed Babycakes of Scottsdale, I was in awe of the gorgeous diaper cake that adorned my dining room table. It was beyond any I had seen before.
Recently I received a sample gift set from them: 2 pieces that were smaller and more reasonable as a solo gift set to a friend. The Bon Appetit Bib is beautifully crafted with a most luxurious striped terry back. All of their fabric choices are sensationally classic and slightly sophisticated, in a gorgeous baby gift kind of way. But the backing is what surprised me. I never would have imagined terry to look so nice.
I also received a matching Diaper Dash, a diaper and wipes case. The size is comparable to most cases. Crated in the same sophisticated fabric, the interior is poly-satin lined: nice to touch and sweet to slide items in and out.

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