Baby: "I’d like to book a 7:30 Spa treatment in the Master Suite? With Mom, please?"

Me: "Let me check our availability…"

Baby: "Look lady, I’m willing to go with Dad if Mom’s already booked, I just really need my treatment!"

Pushy kid! Ever since we got a Spa Baby European Style Bath Tub though, my baby seems to think he is entitled to bathe every single day. I’ve tried telling him that Europeans are notorious for bathing less frequently than Americans but he’s not interested in this trivia. He’s just loving his spatime too much.

Prior to trying the Spa Baby tub, my son was not a happy bather. He was a screamer. I was hesitant to even try the tub, and have to admit that the first time I used it, I felt awkward. The tub is bucket shaped and your baby sits upright in it. You support the baby with one hand and wash him/her with the other. It seemed like it would be tricky but Spa Baby eased my qualms and lessened the learning curve with this helpful instructional video.

My baby did not share my hesitation. The first time we tried it he actually smiled the entire time he was being bathed. My oldest daughter grabbed my cell phone to snap some pics, we were so amazed by how happy and peaceful my baby was in his bath for the first time ever. According to the Spa Baby site, the natural upright position and being bathed in water to their shoulders, mimics the feeling of being in the womb. Apparently the womb is the ultimate spa – we even provide room service for dining. We’re entirely sold on this tub now. I also love that it has such a small footprint and works on the counter, a table or in the kitchen sink. Use it wherever you want to set up your home spa. 

One word of caution — you might not want to bathe your child immediately after eating. The sitting up position tends to make my 8wk old son spit up if he has just nursed. This of course did not bother him in the least. Only me!

Baby: "Listen, for my 7:30 do you think I could get you to use the lavender scented wash? And could I get a massage and a pedicure this time too?"

Me: "Whatever"

Canadian customers purchase the tub on the Spa Baby European Tub site for $39.99 CDN, US customers purchase online at Sweet Peas and Little Sprouts for $44.95 plus shipping.

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