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A huge hit at last weekend’s Mom Mixer was Spaghetti Headz, the fun hair accessory that works for Moms and girls!  These hair accessories are really easy to install into any kind of hair.   Spaghetti Headz simply twists into your hair – curly or straight, I saw it work on all types of hair last weekend.



Super cute, right?  Apparently girls can also use them for bracelets!  Also – Spaghetti Headz is made of polymer clay – it can easily be cut for shorter hair too.

Here’s a How-To for getting Spaghetti Headz in your hair:

1. Take a thin section of hair (about the width of a pencil) and twist it once or twice. 2. Place the twisted section of hair under the top loop and hold it in place. 3. With your other hand, wrap the hair in a counter-clockwise direction. (Top to bottom) 

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Order by the 3-pack for $11.99 on the Spaghetti Headz website.


  1. You are right;super cute! Does Spaghetti Headz come in ‘Angel Hair’ ? LOL- only kidding-(patting my self on the back for that one). Seriously, what a great idea and what a fun hair accessory-Must get one!

  2. ps -just saw the ‘Angel Hair’ on the package- so they beat me to it!. . :o) so then, how about “does it come in ‘Rigatoni’?. Wasn’t there ,in the good old days, something called a ‘toni hair perm’?. . .

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