World Breastfeeding Week, Day 3:
The following is written by MWS reader & member Paula, who has breastfed four children and has another on the way next March:
Nursing pads. Definitely a must have when you’re planning to breastfeed. But what type and which brand? Disposable? Reusable? Washable? Having breast fed four babies, I am well acquainted with the necessity of this item in the nursing mother’s wardrobe, and I’ve unfortunately experienced the various downsides of each kind.
I have to confess, when I was pregnant with my first 10 years ago, my decision making process in this department went something like this: Hmmm, I really should pick up some nursing pads. And later while walking around in Target, oh look! Disposable nursing pads! Well now, that’s all taken care of. Right? Wrong! Those disposable pads just didn’t work for me at all. So then I tried cotton washable pads. These were better, until I had a very leaky breast… and a really cold and wet nursing pad inside my now wet nursing bra – not good!
I was so desperate for a solution to avoid this scenario that I made my own pads out of some felted wool when I was pregnant with baby number three. These worked pretty well during the day but at night I had to do a combination of wool with cotton which led to a ridiculously overstuffed bra and still had me waking up “wetter” than my baby. Then when I was pregnant with number four, I finally discovered LilyPadz. And my problems with all those other nursing pads were over for good.
Lilypadz are reusable,washable and made of silicone. One side is smooth, the other tacky. You apply the tacky side to your breast using some pressure and ta-dah! A nursing pad that won’t move and won’t leak. In fact, because of the way you put it on, you won’t leak at all. Brilliant! I really appreciated the smooth silhouette under my clothes when using Lilypadz. It gave my nursing wardrobe a whole new lease of life, allowing me to wear clothes I wouldn’t usually be able to wear with bulky cotton pads. And you can swim in them or even go without a bra at night!
One of the other problems that Lilypadz solved for me, that occurred with every other type of nursing pad I had tried before, was sticking. As in, the colostrom I was producing, in those few days before my milk came in fully, was adhering to the nursing pad. And let me tell you, it doesn’t matter if the pad is disposable or washable, it hurts to peel that pad off! But no more! I can’t wait to pick up a couple more pairs of Lilypadz before I have my next baby in March. They also make a thoughtful and most appreciated new Mommy gift; I sent some to my sister-in-law when she came home from the hospital. She just had her first baby, and like me, picked up a box of disposable pads at Target… if only she had asked me first!
You can buy Lilypadz on the Bediboo site, use coupon code MWS15 to receive 15% off your order.

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