It’s unfortunate and frankly, awful, but it’s a fact of life that everyone reading this blog has already or will be touched by cancer at some point in their lives. This review is about what I think is a really cool and simple product for women dealing with cancer and the repercussions of chemotherapy.
A few months back, I decided to take a day off working out at the gym and I went to the gym’s spa instead for a manicure. They have a little storefront with various products for sale, but what caught my eye were some sparkly bandanas. Made by Bella Bandanas, they’re bananas adored with little Swarovski crystals. I asked one of the women about the product and got the full story.
A woman local to my area created this company and product. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in the Summer of 2006. While in the midst of chemotherapy (and bald), she wanted something that she could cover her head with that would make her feel more feminine and thus, Bella Bandanas began.
I think this is such a neat product. Not everyone wants to wear a wig; not everyone can embrace “bald is beautiful.” Here’s a nice alternative and I hope news of this product will help other women out there to feel a little more attractive during a difficult time.
Check out Bella Bandanas, they range in price from $30-55 depending on which one you select. And be sure to click through this link here to receive 15% off your order until July 1st.
5% of all proceeds are donated to cancer research.

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