With the start of school, I’ve been reminded of how little time there is in the morning and how much there is to get done.  This is part one in a series of three posts called “Speed Up My Morning” where I’ll be sharing with you a few products I’ve come across that will shave time off your morning routine.  First up – the face.

1) ROC Multi Correxion Skin Perfecting System – My skin is pretty tempermental and so I’m always a bit nervous trying out a new skincare line.  But I’m happy to say that both my skin and I have become big fans of this new trio from ROC – and it’s definitely saved me some minutes on my morning and night skin routine.  The Multi Correxion Skin Perfecting System comes with three roc-multicorrexion time-saving products – the Daily Perfecting Cleanser, Daily Perfecting Creme SPF 30, and the Intensive Night Concentrate for Face and Eyes.  The Perfecting Cleanser removes make-up easily and includes gentle exfoliators that help smooth rough skin (cleanser + exfoliator = time saved).  The Daily Perfecting Creme is one of my favorites of the set.  Although it includes a broad spectrum SPF 30, it isn’t greasy and doesn’t leave me shiny. It provides good moisturizing and is a good base for makeup (moisturizer + SPF 30 = time saved). Finally, the Intensive Night Concentrate works for both face and eyes (no separate product needed) and includes antioxidants, retinol and Vitamin C to help skin look younger, smooth wrinkles and improve tone – basically a do-it-all night cream.  Click here to get a $10 off coupon for this system and find a list of locations to buy.

lipnouveau-main 2) Ame Cosmetics Lip Nouveau – Ame Cosmetics was a new line to me, but I’ve been excited about their Lip Nouveau product – a 2-in-1 lip liner and lip creme.  There are actually two separate products here – a color-packed lip creme and a coordinating liner in the lid of the the lip creme – brilliant!  No more searching and digging for matching liner and lip color.  Lip Nouveau is currently available in 13 shades ranging from peachy Cozumel to shimmery pink Beverly Hills.  The creamy liner goes on easily and lasts for hours, and the lip creme provides highly pigmented color without the weight of lipstick.  Kudos to Ame Cosmestics for their great time-saver and their commitment to provide cosmetics for women of all skin tones.

glowbzedlg 3.) Revolution Organics Freedom Glow – Every mom, heck, every woman needs one of these do-it-all color sticks in her purse or desk.  In just seconds you can add a fresh glow of color to your lips, cheeks and lids with a few swipes. Talk about a time-saver.  Freedom Glow is available in three colors (Blushed, Sunkissed and Bronzed) and provides great color with just the right amount of dewiness to liven up the skin.  Almost as good as what Freedom Glow brings, is what it’s lacking – chemicals, synthetics, and artificial ingredients as this Revolution Organic product is made with only 100% natural and organic ingredients.

p1010472 4) Lauren Hutton All Natural Face Palette – You know her signature tooth gap, but Lauren Hutton has made  a name for herself in the make-up world too.  Her face palettes have been around for a while, but this new All Natural Face Palette is made from 95% natural ingredients and bears the Natural Products Association seal of approval.  Hutton has created these goof-proof palattes that are color-coded to match up to an included face map as well as to her 7-piece brush set (not included).  The palette (which is bigger than it looks – about the size of your outstretched hand) includes 1 sheer concealer, 4 shades of spot concealer, 1 pooch/nose shader, 1 contour shadow, 1 eyebrow color, 1 wet/dry liner, 1 blush/lip tint and a lip balm.  The palette comes in 4 skin tones – yellow, pink, olive and brown (click here to determine which shade you are).  The yellow palette was the best fit for me and I’ve loved the convenience of having just about everything I need to put a face on in one palette.  For special occasions it doesn’t offer enough variety, but for a daily go-to look, it’s been the perfect fit.  Right now on the website, when you buy the palatte, you also get a free lipstick, mascara, dual-sided eye pencil, loose powder and a quilted cosmetic case for $49!  And there’s free shipping!

And finally….

derm101n I can’t truly say that this next product has proven itself a time-saver, but every night I use the Reversital 3-in-1 Microdermabrasion Stick my skin looks better in the morning.  It claims to save time by cleansing, resurfacing and moisturizing, but you wouldn’t want to use it on your eyes to get off eye make-up and while it is moisturizing, most people would still require an additional moisturizer after using it.  But I’m still a fan.  Plus, it comes in a solid, roll-up stick.  You wet the surface of the stick, wet your face and gently massage your face with the stick for about 10 seconds.  This packaging makes it super convenient to take traveling, and the company claims it’s better for your skin to have the resurfacing crystals embedded instead of free-flowing. At $80-$90 a stick it’s definitely pricier than your drugstore exfoliator, but I’ve been using it 3-4 times a week for the last month and have barely made a dent in it.  Plus, you can’t argue with results.

Next up…Speed Up My Morning:Hair.

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