beans.jpgUnwinding with the whole family can get stressful at holiday time. Particularly when you want to sit and watch a film. It’s a tall order to find a single choice that will entertain everyone from your short-attention-spanned three year old, on up to Grandpa, who wears a hearing aid. But the newly released Mr. Bean’s Holiday, is just that film.
Rowan Atkinson’s portrayal of the bumbling Mr Bean has long been beloved because he is such a pure source of comedic entertainment. His gags are almost entirely physical and call to mind the silent film era, because you don’t actually need the dialog to understand what is going on in the film (good thing for Grandpa and the three yr old). The humor is clean enough for the young crowd, and hysterical enough for the adults. If you have ever seen a Bean movie you know that it is out of the frying pan, and into the fire from start to finish. Just when you think the hijinks could not get more preposterous, they do. And the cartoonlike expressions on Rowan Atkinson’s face, are nothing short of priceless.
In this latest Bean movie, our hero has won a trip to the South of France. His one goal is to see the beach at Cannes. But along the way he misses a few stops, picks up some friends, loses his money and ID, is accused of kidnapping and gets swept up into the Cannes film festival. Nothing is too outrageous for Mr Bean and I think the highlight of the film may be his portrayal of a double jointed, slightly spastic, goose stepping Nazi when he is unwittingly cast in a yogurt commercial.
Pick up Mr. Bean’s Holiday for your family to watch this holiday season and you won’t be disappointed. Just one word of caution from my eleven yr old – careful what you eat or drink while watching this one. It may come out through your nose when you are seized with laughter.

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