In my preschool years, it was always a “special treat” to be able to eat off the fun plastic tableware Mom kept on a high shelf in our kitchen. Ours was a set of four with Ronald McDonald in different seasonal scenes–I’m sure it was one of those “buy a Big Mac, get a special edition plate for just $2!” deal. None-the-less, it was so fun and exciting to be able to eat off of them.
So when a friend (thanks Candice!) showed me the French Bull Melamine Plates and Cups sets, I knew how exciting it could make meals for my kids. What a special treat it would be to eat off a colorful monster–and I’d be much prouder than my Mom with the modern and fun look of this set, over the McDonald’s Special Edition. This set is stylishly cool. (No wonder those special treats of my youth involved eating without friends or family over.)
My kids are loving eatting and drinking from their new French Bull Monster Plates and Cups. A durable melamine plastic, they’re available in a set of 4 cups or 4 plates. They’re dishwasher safe (thank goodness) and have kept their bright hues through several washes already.
Also available is a set of 4 Robot-themed Plates. You can get them all at Bediboo. Enter code MWS15 in the comments section for a 15% refund. And, when you spend $50 on anything on the Bediboo site, mention MWS and receive a free gift!

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