You might never guess that on first inspection, my new favorite necklace was once a humble spoon. It’s a one of a kind piece by Spoon Fed Art. And it has got people opening up – but not to eat – to talk!
I’m known for my collection of funky pendants. I’ve collected them far and wide in many corners of the globe. I find biosept_04.jpgthat an interesting piece of jewelry always makes you look and feel great, even when you are pregnant and your skinny jeans don’t fit, or you are having the world’s worst hair day. Like the right music at a party, a great necklace can alter your mood. It can take a boring outfit from blah to yah! And all the very best pieces tell a little story – a tale about a vacation, a dream, a bit from your childhood. They are true “charms” – equal parts amulet and hip fashion accessory.
After checking out designer Karin Collins impressive collection of mini masterpieces on her website, I was really excited to review these pieces. I anxiously awaited the arrival of my pendant. And when it came packaged in an adorable box of popcorn, even the presentation charmed me. My two daughters looked on jealously, begging me for a turn wearing the “spoon”.
I think what I like most about these pieces is that they have depth. Both literally and figuratively. Karin started making the pieces as a way to deal with an eating disorder. She currently has several pieces available in the National Eating Disorder Association’s online auction – running now through Dec 8th. Making the pieces was a therapeutic outlet for Karin. Not surprisingly, soon after she started wearing her creations, people started asking where they could purchase these works of art. And thus SpoonFed Art was born.
Each piece is different but they all are captivating. When I wear mine people come over to get a close look at it. Everytime I look I seem to see something different – like looking in a kaleidescope. Bit and pieces of epherma, glitter, tiny jewels are captured in the bowl of the spoon, floating prettily. There are moons and stars and eiffel towers in there, and skulls and diamonds and mysterious cameos, daydreams and moonlight. Now that I have one, I know I will want more!
One other wonderful thing about these pieces is that they adapt well to be worn with your own chains, on a velvet ribbon, a keyring or pin. So you get to personalize it even further. What a great holiday gift for a special friend or family member!
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