So many toys. We go through so many toys in our house. I feel like it’s out of control and every few months I’ll go through the basement and have a mass purging out of frustration.  If I’m good, I donate the toys that are still in decent shape to our local preschool.  Other times, I bag everything up for Goodwill.  And when I’m reeeeeally frustrated, I’ll admit it, I’ve tossed toys straight into the trash or recycling tub.

I got a pitch from Second Chance Toys and thought this organization seemed to awesomesauce, I just had to share it with you all.  Here’s how it works: you donate your gently used toys to Second Chance Toys and they then reporpose them to organizations in care for children in need.  So you’re not only keeping your toys out of a landfill but you’re ensuring that the toy is getting a second chance at making a child happy.

Visit SecondChanceToys.com to see if they have a local drop off spot near you.  They are all over the country!


  1. Thank you for this link. We are always dealing with used toys in my house. I prefer to donate them to our local thrift store, but I will certainly check out the link you’ve provided. Thanks.

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