Read anything good lately? I’ve recently joined a second book club because I love to read so much. I’m always looking for new books and an excuse to drink wine and talk about them.

So I’ve been putting together a list to share with you guys from my want-to-read list on Good Reads. These all come highly recommended either by me, a friend or ratings on Good Reads & Amazon! Got anything to add? Comment and let me know!

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A Fall of Marigolds– I just read this one for our book club tonight and it’s the only one on this list I’ve actually read so far but it was still on my want-to-read list and is going to be a great discussion so I had to share it. This book follows two women who live 100 years apart. Both are in NYC and havelived through tragedies (9-11 being one, the other being a fire in NYC that happened almost a century before). I know we’ll have some interesting discussions over this one.

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Night Circus– there has been serious fanfare surrounding this book lately. I feel like every time I click on Instagram or Facebook, someone else I know is reading it. It has almost 5 out of 5 stars and I’ll be reading it soon.

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The Memory Box– a woman Googles herself and finds out she has a whole history she doesn’t remember. Intriguing. Recommended by a friend on Good Reads.

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When the Moon is Low– this is a more recent publication by the same author who wrote The Pearl that Broke It’s Shell, which was a phenomenal read about life as a woman in the middle East. I’m looking forward to reading this book by her too.

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November 9 – to be honest, the write up about this book doesn’t sound all that compelling to me. A cross-country romance with a plot twist? But it has FIVE out of five stars from a huge amount of reviewers. I never see that. And several friends have loved it. So I’ll be going with the masses and reading this one at some point too.

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Luckiest Girl Alive – this one’s a thriller that has been compared to The Girl On the Train and Gone Girl, both of which were compelling reads. I added this to my wish list after seeing a friend rave about it on Instagram.

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When Breath Becomes Air– is actually ON my other book club’s reading list for next month so I’ll be downloading this soon too. I’ve heard a lot of buzz surrounding this novel as well and this book and the next one are the two non-fiction books on my list today.

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Same Kind of Different As Me– from one reviewer’s comment, It is the true, but almost unbelievable story of three very different people whose lives come together in a way that can only be explained as “God ordained”. 4.5 out of five stars from over 2000 people on Amazon.

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The Knife of Never Letting Go – I always gotta throw one of my fantasy/future fiction books into the mix. This is supposedly a different plot than the usual YA that’s on the market these days (vampires/werewolves, etc) and has phenomenal reviews.

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