Stitch Fix Box #6 arrived while I was in Chicago so it was fun to have it waiting when I got home!  It had been awhile since I received my last box – Box #5 was right before the holidays and I had only kept one dress from that shipment and waited awhile to try the next one.

{By the way, if you aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, you can visit my post from Stitch Fix Box #1 where I have a video and discuss what Stitch Fix is about}

I asked for more tops than anything in this latest box and I got 3 tops, one dress and jacket.

Here they are – what do you think?

Oh and before I start, I’m wearing the Kut jeans I got in Stitch Fix #3 box in all of these photos except the dress photo.


This first top is the Dovello Split Back Knit Top by Wells Grace and it’s $48.  I love the slip look at the bottom but I think it looks a little too maternity-shirt on me.  Plus the back is open/exposed so I don’t know how I would do that with a bra strap.  Most likely going back.


This is the Teddy Pleated Henley Top by Paradigma for $68.  I wanted it to work so badly but I can’t decide if the print is frumpy or cute and again, I feel like it’s cut weirdly on me and looks a bit like a maternity blouse.  What say you?


I like the cut a lot better on this Acme Pullover by Tart for $58.  It’s mixed material — the arms are made of silk.  Thoughts?


This is the Rory Jacket by Tart and it’s $138 and definitely going back.  It is supposed to be a faux leather but it’s made of a really thin and flimsy material I felt would wrinkle a lot.  Plus it looks a ton like my Hinge Leather Jacket that’s real leather and was cheaper that I got last year.


This Kathy Striped Fit & Flare Dress by Pixley is $68 and I just love it.  I wasn’t looking for another dress but the cut is adorable and I added the colored skinny belt and thought it looked good with a pop of color (the ballet flats).  Plus, the price is great!

Overall, I’m most likely only keeping the dress but I’m on the fence on the Acme shirt.  I did like that they went with 3 tops since I asked for that and I liked that a lot of the options seemed to be more affordable than usual.

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Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?  While I’m not a monthly Stitch Fix’er, I do enjoy it and think it’s worth the $20 Styling Fee to get the box.  Use my link if you sign up and I get a small referral fee and then you can share your link with friends too for the same!


  1. i do like the Acme top(silk arms though-I wonder, would it be too hot?) looks neat and trim though and color good. Dress wonderful., yes! Did NOT like the jacket or the frumpy flowered top at all. BUT really did like the first top(not if open back though) but i didn’t think that one looked maternity-ish at all- loved the frill at the bottom.

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