While having LOTS of time on our hands, Samantha and I have been trying out some new skincare products. Clean & Clear sent us their new Watermelon scented Cleansing Wipes and Juicy Scrub. We just LOVED the smell. When you open up the wipes pack you get a refreshing smell of watermelon. Close your eyes and you can pretend you are outside on a picnic, instead of quarantined in the house!

I love the wipes for convenience. Samantha puts them in her soccer bag to wipe her face after a game or practice and I throw them in my bag for after a tennis match. A refreshing and quick clean if you can’t get to the shower right away. The Juicy Scrub is as scrumptiously smelling. It has microbeads that gently scrubs away dead skin while hydrating skin. We will definitely be adding these into our spring routine. Watermelon scent for the Win!


  1. Hey Whitney! I have been a fan of your blog for a while and specifically love your style section! I would love if you could do a review of Fashom. They are a personalized styling service and I just ordered my first box. I would love to hear your review of them ! Thanks!

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