Back in December, I attended the Chester County Moms Toys for Tots Holiday Extravaganza – a local event here in the Philadelphia area.  They had a great swag bag full of goodies for attendees.  One of the items in the bag was one of these Squatz Fizz n Find toys.  I promptly set it aside in a closet and forgot about it.

Until last week.  In an all too familiar moment (me on a poorly scheduled conference call with kids banging on the door), I handed over the sample Squatz Fizz n Find to my boys.  And shockingly, they got quiet.

Let me explain: they only get quiet in limited number of situations:

1.)  They found the Sharpies and are decorating the walls.

2.) Hell froze over.

3.) A huge wormhole opened up in the playroom and swallowed them whole.

4.) They’re intrigued by a really cool toy that has captured their interest.

Luckily for everyone involved, this instance was #4.  I found them in the kitchen with my husband, having just dropped the Squatz Fizz n Find into warm water.  This toy is basically a tablet that fizzes, dissolves and then reveals a smaller character.  You never know which one you’re going to get – and they are relatively cheap for a little bit of fun (around $5 depending on where you find them.  This 2-pack on Amazon is $8.35.)


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