Wesley’s been doing the squeaky dance lately. Every time he puts on his new Squeaker Sneakers, he dances. And jumps. And runs and runs. Laughing and laughing. They have to be the funniest shoes I’ve ever heard.
That’s right… heard. These shoes have a tiny little squeaker in them. The squeak, which you can hear on the Squeaker Sneakers website, is similar to a squeaking bib or baby toy. But, in the case of Squeaker Sneakers, you can disable it easily (which, according to Wes’ 25-year-old aunt, is a very good thing.) Alternatively, “Pop”, Wes’ grandfather, insists that the squeaker stay in–he can’t get over Wes’ adorable reaction to the shoes. Lucky thing the squeaker just as easily slips back in. Just don’t lose it!
The first time Wes wore Squeaker Sneakers, he would squeak, then look all around for the noise, not quite getting that his feet were making the squeaks. A bit later, the dancing started. A great encouragement for kids to move, they’re also wonderful for finding those little sneakers (not as much the shoes as the sneaky kids.)
The shoes are very flexible. Ours are a soft leather with a velcro closure–key for kids with wider ankles (or, in our case, “ankles? where are they!?”) The rubber sole keeps children’s feet safe outside–especially important at this age, as most Squeakers are learning to gain their footing, and aren’t able to watch out for rocks and uneven pavement.
There is a huge variety of shoes available: canvas and leather, sneakers and sandals, Mary Janes and bowlers–and more. And they’re now featuring larger sizes and fall shoes are coming! Use code MOMMIESWITHSTYLE to save 10%. Before you order, take special care to read the measurements information. Squeaker Sneakers sizes run differently than most shoes, so you’ll definitely need to measure your child.

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