Last week at the Mom Mixer in Philadelphia,  I was so excited to be able to send all of our attendees home with a Staples Arc Notebook.  Because I love mine.  I may try and keep myself organized online and on my computer as much as I can, but the end of the day nothing beats having a notebook and the ability to keep notes written by your own handwriting.  We may live in a digital age but our roots will always be on paper!

I find that as much as I try and keep most things online, I do still have a need for a notebook.  But my needs in a notebook are different from the next person’s needs in a notebook, which is why the Staples Arc Notebook is a great product choice for just about everyone – it’s totally customizable.

You start with the notebook – you can pick from a variety of notebook options from both size and material (leather, starting at $14.99 vs poly, starting at $7.99)

It comes with 60 repositionable  pages – they pop in and out so easily! Which is an awesome feature as sometimes you may just need to grab a sheet and go – or you may want to swap one page out for another.

The Arc also offers some cool pages with tabs that you can use as dividers to have different sections. (I have a kids/school section, a Mommies with Style section and then a random one!) Love that this product works for just about anyone – business people, Moms, kids!

Check out the entire Staples Arc Notebook line and consider this a good holiday gift idea for just about anyone on your list!

Disclaimer:  Staples was a sponsor of my Mom Mixer event but this review was optional and is written out of my appreciation for a good product.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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