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It’s back-to-school season, and you’ve got your children’s schedules all laid out in a mental carousel that resembles your youngest’s crib mobile. If you’re guilty of murmuring “pencils” and “notebooks” in your sleep, it’s time to stop fretting and get proactive with the prettiest, most practical tools in town: momAgenda day planners.
These signature day planners have a unique format (spaces for mom and up to four children) and a 17 month calendar starting in August, just in time for school planning. Now there’s even more reason to love momAgenda.
The newest momAgenda styles do not disappoint: from funky leopard to faux croc, you’ll feel a little sassier starting the school year with one of these day planners in tow. For substance with style, you won’t do better than a momAgenda day planner.

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